History of Char-Bett Drive In

Painting the Sign - December 1974
Kay Thomas (on ladder) and Judy Streu
In 1951 Charlie and his wife, Elizabeth "Betty" Streu started a grocery store and filling station at the end of Michigan Ave. The business was called Char-Bett Food Shop. The business flourished and outgrew the building, and in 1958 they decided to start a drive in restaurant, later known as Char-Bett Drive In. Charlie and Betty owned and operated Char-Bett until 1978.

From 1978 until 1983 a father and son owned and operated the business. On May 9, 1983 Chris and Judy Havrilesko acquired the business. They still own and operate it today!
Betty and Mother - circa 1960
Char-Bett Food Shop - 1957
John L. Streu's Car

Char-Bett Drive In - 1958

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